Safecracker $5

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Info:3 Reels, 1 Paylines
Coin Size:$0.25, $0.5, $1, $2, $5.00
Max Coins:3 Coins
Win Combinations:8
Theme:Heist, Safe
Wild symbol:No
Wild Multiplier:No
Scatter symbol:No
Bonus Game:Yes
Avg Hit Value:$60,548
Avg Time Span:4d 15h

Game Screenshots

Safecracker $5 Safecracker $5

Safecracker is one of the many reasons why Playtech is considered one of the leaders in the online slots industry. This stunning slot game combines the ultimate in slots entertainment with amazing graphics, multiple ways of winning and – to top it all off – a progressive jackpot that is ready to explode at any given moment!

Safecracker is categorized as a ‘traditional’ slot game – meaning that it has a single pay line and three reels. However, that’s where all the tradition ends! Playtech’s Safecracker is an innovative game with plenty of twists that make it both entertaining and lucrative.

The background of Safecracker is actually a safe, and the reels hold the combination numbers to open this safe. The aim of Safecracker is thus to crack the combination by spinning the reel, and unlocking the riches from the safe.

Coin sizes in Safecracker range from 0.25c to $5, and players can wager up to 3 coins in this game. The wide range in wagering limits means that any type of player – from the budget oriented to the high roller – will find this game worth playing.

There are eight possible winning combinations in Playtech’s Safecracker, not including the bonus feature game.

As mentioned, Safecracker features an exciting progressive jackpot that is added to when anybody plays the game at any Playtech casino. The popularity of the game means that the jackpot reaches impressive heights in a relatively short space of time. Remember, that with most progressive jackpots, you have to play the maximum number of coins in order to put yourself in line to win the jackpot.

Another exciting feature of Safecracker is that it features a bonus game that is played on a second screen. Three Keys on a pay line will automatically trigger this game and open the safe to reveal no less than ten cash boxes. Seven cash boxes hold super cash prizes of differing value, while three hold nothing. Players continue in this game by picking cash boxes with a value attached, and the round ends when they pick a box with nothing in.

Playtech’s Safecracker has all the elements to create a truly exciting slot gaming option for even the pickiest player. It is a remarkable, graphically superior progressive slot game that will delight any online slot fan from the word go.