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Info:Arcade Game
Avg Hit Value:$244,057
Avg Time Span:174d 2h

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Mega Ball

Out of the portfolio of one of the world’s most successful software companies, Playtech, comes a game that has become almost a household name – Megaball.

Megaball have turned many ordinary people into instant millionaires with its superb betting options and a progressive jackpot that is added to at an extensive rate because of the popularity of the game.

The attraction of Megaball comes from the fact that it is so hugely entertaining. The one game actually consists of eight different games in one superb package and can keep players entertained for hours. Each game essentially consists of a different betting strategy, and players can choose to play betting strategy or up to ten – all at the same time!

Every single minute in Megaball, six balls are picked in order to determine winning combinations.

The left side of the Megaball screen provides players with the option of eight different games available. There is a different betting strategy for each game and it is worth familiarizing yourself with them before placing any bets. By clicking on any one of these games, players the Playtech Megaball displays concise instructions and all the player needs to do is follow them.

One of the best features of these games is that it offers you to play for only one number combination drawing, or multiple drawings. The game allows for up to 50 multiple repetitions.

Players will see that their actives bets are displayed in the middle of the screen. These bets can be modified or deleted even when they are in table format although in the last ten seconds leading up to the next draw, no changes can be made to the betting table. The ‘confirm’ button will no longer be displayed, indicating the final stage leading up to the draw.

A clock will display how long it is to the next number draw and once the winning numbers are displayed, the ‘confirm’ button will appear again, indicating that players can place another round of bets if they so wish.

A leading feature with Playtech’s Megaball is that it offers a progressive jackpot. In order to stand in line to win this jackpot, players need to select the Jackpot game among the games offered in Megaball. The aim of this game is to correctly guess all five balls. The lucky player will then win a massive accumulated amount from a jackpot fund that is added to every time any player from around the world plays the Megaball Jackpot game.