10-Line Jacks or Better

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Type:Video Poker
Coin Size:$0.25
Max Coins:5 Coins
Avg Hit Value:$9,991
Avg Time Span:10d 15h

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10-Line Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is probably defined as the most popular version of online video poker, and with good reason. Playtech software company has created an exciting game based on Jacks or Better in the form of Ten Line Jacks or Better video poker.

The aim of this game, as with any other version of video poker, is to make the best possible poker hand using the cards dealt. The player is initially dealt five cards face up and then needs to decide which cards to keep and which cards to discard. The player can keep all, or discard all, or keep any number of cards.

Discarded cards are replaced with new ones to form the closing hand, which will determine whether the player wins or loses. A minimum winning hand consists of a pair or Jacks in this version of the game.

Payouts are made according to a predetermined payout table and according to the poker rankings of winning hands.

Ten Line Jacks or Better naturally differs from the basic Jacks or Better game because it offers the player 10 lines of video poker cards. What makes this game unique is that each hand represents a different hand of cards, and is thus treated independently for all purposes, including payouts.

Another exciting element about Playtech’s Ten Line Jacks or Better game is that it includes a progressive jackpot. The jackpot fund is contributed to every time this game is played by any player at a Playtech powered online casino around the world. Due to the popularity of these sites, and Ten Line Jacks or Better in particular, the jackpot amount manages to increase at an impressive rate.

The jackpot is won by the player getting a Royal Flush on the decision hand.

The jackpot amount associated with Ten Line Jacks or Better can be seen on the screen at all times, and players can see how this amount increases.

Should you be lucky enough to win the jackpot in this game, and the win occurs on the first line, all other lines earn the player a seed amount that stands at four thousand times your coin value.

All in all, Playtech’s Ten Line Jacks or Better video poker offering promises hours of entertainment, an increased chance of winning great prizes, and the added bonus of a ticking progressive jackpot that is simply begging to be won.