Jackpot Darts $3

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Info:Arcade Game
Coin Amount:$3
Coin Slots:1
Avg Hit Value:$186,562
Avg Time Span:20d 3h

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Jackpot Darts $3

One of the best ways to enjoy an exciting game of darts, without the need to head on down to your favorite pub, is by accessing Playtech’s Jackpot Darts game. Not only do you get to benefit from top of the range software, but you also put yourself in line to win a jackpot that grows progressively each time the game is played!

Playtech’s Jackpot Darts is made up like any traditional dartboard. There are single, double and triple rings, as well as an inner and outer bulls eye. Around the edge of the dartboard are sectors numbered from one through to twenty.

In terms of betting, players have the option of wagering four different kinds of bets on each round, giving them plenty of opportunity to win significantly in this exciting game.

‘Throwing’ darts has never been easier as with Playtech’s Jackpot Darts game. On each round, players are given three darts to try their luck. While three may not seem a lot, on the other hand it forces the player to throw carefully each and every time so as not to waste those precious darts!

Players are paid out accordingly to how much they bet. For example, if they place a wager on a single bet (the lowest bet), they are essentially betting on how many darts will hit the singles rings on the dartboard. If they place a wager on a double bet, they are wagering on how many darts will hit the doubles ring, while a treble bet wagers how many darts hit the treble ring.

By betting on the Outer bull, players are saying that a minimum of one of their darts will land in that region, while a bet on the Bulls Eye says the same.

It is probably advisable for players to wager a 1 through to 20 singles bet. This counts as one bet (out of possible four), yet still allows the player to wager that his or her darts will land in one of five chosen sectors. In effect, this is one of the most versatile bets in Playtech’s Jackpot Darts.

To stand in line for the progressive jackpot that is linked to Jackpot Darts, players need to choose the Jackpot Bet as one of their four bets. If all three of your darts lands in the inner bulls eye, you take home the jackpot that has accumulated over time. Since Jackpot Darts is one of Playtech’s more popular games, the jackpot amount increases very quickly indeed!