Genie's Hi Lo $5

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Info:Arcade Game
Coin Amount:$5
Coin Slots:1
Avg Hit Value:$4,607
Avg Time Span:33d 4h

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Genie's Hi Lo $5

Playtech’s Genie Hi Lo game is a neat card game that does not resemble any other game in its portfolio. For that reason the game is considered unique and highly entertaining. In addition, Genie Hi Lo comes with a very exciting progressive jackpot that allows players to stand in line to win very big amounts.

The object of Genie Hi Lo is simple. Players need guess which card will be drawn next in the game and win according to whether their guesses are correct or not.

In order to play, Genie Hi Lo fans first pick an amount that they want to wager. Once this is done, they press the confirm button. The next step is to choose a card, after which the Bet Box is activated and players begin placing their bets.

There are essentially two ways to wager in Playtech’s Genie Hi Lo game. The first is to bet whether the card is a red card or a black card, and the other is whether the next drawn card will be higher or lower. Players are not limited to one of the two bets and they are welcome to place just one if they so desire.

After all bets are placed, players click on the confirm button once more and choose another card. This is where the payout stage comes in. If players have managed to get one or both of their bets wrong, unfortunately they lose their bets and the game. However, if both bets are correct, they win at Genie Hi Lo. Players can then cash out their winnings or continue playing.

As mentioned, one of the greatest draw cards to Playtech’s Genie Hi Lo game is its progressive jackpot. This jackpot grows each time the game is played at Playtech-powered online casinos around the world and the lucky player who manages to reach the 11th level in the game grabs the entire jackpot!

Card values in Genie Hi Lo are their face value, although the Ace is the lowest card (valued at one), while the Joker automatically advances the player to the next level of the game (and therefore closer to the jackpot!!)

All in all, Playtech’s Genie Hi Lo is a superb guessing game that is simple to play and easy to win at. It makes the perfect game for beginners or simply those hoping to get a little respite in between intense gaming sessions.