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Win Combinations:Royal Flush
Avg Hit Value:$146,802
Avg Time Span:180d 17h

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Caribbean Poker

While the house of Playtech software development company is best known for its slot games, it also creates a wide range of leading table games that thrill and delight players. One of the most popular Playtech table games is undoubtedly its version of Caribbean Poker.

Caribbean Poker has taken the online industry by storm, thanks to its similarity to traditional poker in certain elements, but also combining exciting parts of blackjack to bring players the ultimate in table gambling entertainment.

The aim of this game is simply to beat the dealer’s 5-card hand with your own – the higher your poker hand, the more you win!

Playtech’s Caribbean Poker is a head to head game with the casino dealer, and is not played around a table against other players as in traditional poker.

The rules of Caribbean Poker at Playtech casino across the internet are almost identical to the rules offered on casino floors at land-based casinos, however there are a couple of differences that should be noted. For example, while players should expect Caribbean Poker to be played with eight decks at traditional casinos in Las Vegas, Playtech software company has opted to offer its Caribbean Poker version with six decks only.

Another major difference concerns when the Caribbean Poker dealer peeks at the cards. In traditional Las Vegas casinos, the dealer will peek with an ace or ten card showing. However, at Playtech casinos, the dealer does not peek at all.

Splitting is also different in this game, with players at Playtech powered online casinos only being allowed to split just one time.

Playtech’s Caribbean Poker comes with the added advantage of a progressive jackpot that requires a minimum side wager. By taking out this wager, players stand a chance of hitting the jackpot, with the only requirement being to earn a Royal Flush. While this may seem difficult to do, it is not impossible, and the progressive jackpot on this game has been won in the past.

Even players who don’t get a Royal Flush can stand to win part of the jackpot. A Straight Flush will allow a lucky player to grab 10% of the jackpot, provided that the side bet has been taken out.

Playtech’s Caribbean Poker – one of the company’s only table games to carry a progressive jackpot – is a fast-paced, exhilarating game and should definitely not be missed!