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WowPot 3 Reels
Info:3 Reels, 1 Payline
Coin Size:$0.50
Max Coins:3 Coins
Win Comb:10
Theme:Sevens, Classic Symbols
Wild Symbol:Wow Pot
Wild Multiplier:2x, 4x
Scatter symbol:No
WowPot 5 Reels
Info:5 Reels, 15 Paylines
Coin Size:$0.10
Max Coins:15 Coins
Win Comb:34
Theme:Fruit, Classic Symbols
Wild Symbol:WowPot
Wild Multiplier:2x
Scatter Symbol:Scatter
Avg Hit Value:$13,412
Avg Time Span:8d

Game Screenshots

WowPot 3 Reels
WowPot 5 Reels
WowPot WowPot

Since its release, Wowpot has consistently been one of Microgamings most frequent paying and popular slots. This brightly coloured classically styled slot pays out on average every 3 days, making it a favorite choice for all progressive fans.

Wowpot is now available in 2 versions, the classic 3 reel slot and a newer enhanced 5 reel, 15 pay line version. Both have fixed coin values, and a maximum bet of $1.50. The three reel version is a single pay line 50 cent machine, with traditional sevens, bells and fruit symbols and of course the Wowpot emblem which acts as a wild multiplier when the machine is played at max bet. A single Wowpot symbol on the pay line, doubles a winning combination, whereas two Wowpots quadruple your prize. Three Wowpot symbols on the pay line trigger the progressive jackpot.

The 5 reel version of Wowpot has a fixed coin value of 10 cents and 15 pay lines. The jackpot is paid when 5 Wowpots appear on the 15th pay line (when all lines are in play), which is the line that makes an M shape from the bottom left to the bottom right of the screen. Five Wowpot symbols on any other pay line pay 5000 coins. The Wowpot symbol also acts as a wild multiplier, substituting for all symbols except the scatter bonus icons. When the wild Wowpot completes a win, the winning combination is doubled. The exception to this is on wins made up entirely of Wowpot symbols – wins are only doubled when Wowpot acts as a wild card.

The five reel version also has a scatter bonus feature. Three scatters pay 3 times the total credits staked, 4 scatters pay 30 times the stake and 5 scatters, 300 times your total bet. Scatter icons can appear anywhere on the reels and are paid in addition to regular wins.

Both the 3 reel and the 5 reel versions of Wowpot share the same progressive jackpot pool, and the jackpot has a minimum starting value of $1000. The average jackpot won on Wowpot is around $12,000 – it rarely gets the chance to climb much higher than that due to the frequency of the jackpot payouts. However the record win on Wowpot to date stands at £101,850.89 UK pounds. At today’s exchange rate, that works out to an incredible $200,719.85.

As the game is powered by Microgaming you will find all the features you expect in their Viper software release; excellent sound and graphics, auto play, adjustable game speed and full play history.

The main difference in play between the 3 and 5 reel versions of Wowpot is the frequency and amount of payouts – the 5 reel version tends to bring in small frequent wins, whereas wins on the 3 reel version tend to be larger and less frequent. Whichever style of play you prefer, you can be assured that Wowpot is fun and rewarding progressive slot.