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Type:Video Poker
Min Bet:$1
Max Bet:$5
Win Combinations:10
Avg Hit Value:$28,102
Avg Time Span:14d 8h

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Based on the most popular video poker in the world, Jacks or Better, Microgaming’s SupaJax progressive game is a real treat for players looking to combine video poker fun with the chance of winning a massive jackpot as well.

The aim of SupaJax is to create the best poker hand possible with the cards dealt. The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, plus an extra card – the SupaJax. This card determines the maximum jackpot payout, and will do so if the player holds four Jacks plus the SupaJax card. As with all progressive video poker variants, at some point the video poker machine’s payout reaches over 100%, removing any trace of the house edge!

The SupaJax card should not be mistaken for a wild card as found in other games. It does not substitute for any other card in the game to form winning combinations. Its sole task in SupaJax is to complete the five-card hand that comprises four Jacks and a SupaJax card in order to pay out the jackpot.

The next highest payout is on a Royal Flush. Bet with the maximum five coins, this win will award the player with 3,000 coins.

The betting limits in Microgaming’s SupaJax are set at $1 increments. Players can wager for as little as $1, or the maximum $5. What is very important to note is that in order to put themselves in line to win the progressive jackpot, players need to wager the maximum number of coins. If not, even if they line up four Jacks and the SupaJax, they are not paid out the massive jackpot amount. Some players may find that a minimum bet of $1 is too steep on a video poker game, however the fun and rewards of this type of gaming has been proven time and time again. Players who manage to develop a good video poker strategy are sure to enjoy good returns.

The SupaJax video poker game is linked to all Microgaming casinos that carry this selection. In other words, the progressive jackpot is being added to all the time, every time the game is played. The prize is essentially set to its minimum and climbs with every new player. This means that in a short space of time, the winning sum can be quite significant!