Slots Casino Jackpots

GameJackpotSoftware Avg ValueAvg Time
Jackpot Darts $3 $240,556Playtech$186,562 20d 3h
Safecracker 25c $3,024Playtech$3,027 4d 15h
Safecracker 50c $6,048Playtech$6,055 4d 15h
Safecracker $1 $12,096Playtech$12,109 4d 15h
Safecracker $5 $60,481Playtech$60,548 4d 15h
Queen of Pyramids 15c $51,600Playtech$31,087 6d 16h
Queen of Pyramids 25c $86,001Playtech$51,813 6d 16h
King Cashalot $394,298Microgaming$615,527 71d 9h
Shoot-O-Rama $83,007Cryptologic$66,496 153d 1h
Triple Olives $1 $10,588Cryptologic$17,917 149d 2h
Cash Splash $33,866Microgaming$12,483 1d 20h
Treasure Nile $55,973Microgaming$57,514 5d 20h
Mega Moolah Major $30,263Microgaming$29,384 2d 7h
Lotto Madness $97,837Playtech$58,756 30d 16h
Tunzamunni $102,425Microgaming$100,955 57d 13h
Lots A Loot $4,623Microgaming$13,474 2d 19h
Fruit Fiesta $15,711Microgaming$21,839 11d 13h
Mega Moolah Minor $100Microgaming$177 27m
Beach Life $1,169,420Playtech$1,637,530 80d 18h
Cinerama 5-reels $74,309Playtech$103,095 112d 6h
Fruit Mania $31,452Playtech$15,452 8d 5h
Magic Slots 25c $2,461Playtech$4,169 18d 13h
Magic Slots 50c $4,921Playtech$8,338 18d 13h
Magic Slots $1 $9,842Playtech$16,676 18d 13h
Magic Slots $5 $49,211Playtech$83,382 18d 13h
WowPot $22,556Microgaming$13,412 8d
Major Millions $263,001Microgaming$598,276 72d 8h
Mega Moolah $1,122,690Microgaming$4,354,910 148d 22h
Diamond Valley $50,436Playtech$82,871 15d 17h
Gold Rally 8 Lines $637,520Playtech$877,319 52d 8h
Wall Street Fever $59,808Playtech$185,178 57d
Rapid Fire $775Cryptologic$612 8h 52m
Movie Mayhem 3 $11,750Cryptologic$6,511 6d 11h
Rags to Riches $157,675Cryptologic$205,129 208d 13h
Movie Mayhem 2 $603Cryptologic$766 1d 8h
Movie Mayhem 1 $77Cryptologic$90 9h 26m
Marvel Hero $6,419Cryptologic$7,837 1d 7h
Movie Mayhem $12,216Cryptologic$16,149 28d 17h
Frightmare Level 2 $4,718Cryptologic$4,876 30d 1h
Frightmare Level 1 $363Cryptologic$494 2d 16h
Hero $81Cryptologic$107 2h
Super Hero $1,408Cryptologic$1,142 4h 8m
Millionaires Club $246,824Cryptologic$1,138,100 129d 23h
Triple Olives 25c $3,856Cryptologic$3,409 125d 7h

Let us face it: There is no denying the fact that slots are among the most sought after, popular and entertaining forms of gambling found at online casinos. From the early years when slot machines were created to reward players with a penny or two, slots have made an incredible and meteoric rise to popularity by shifting seamlessly to the world of the internet and paying out literally millions of dollars through slots casino jackpots, bonus features and much more.

What is it about slots that make software companies spend millions of dollars and endless hours creating games that are bigger and better than their competitors? One of the major draw cards to this form of entertainment is the fact that you have such a wide variety of games available under the title of ‘slots’.

What began as traditional one reel, three pay line slot machine entertainment blossomed into innovative new games with each year that the industry developed. Today, it is quite possible to find online slot games that present the most amazing themes, stunning graphics, interactive playing options, video clips, audio features and of course, the most lucrative slots casino jackpots.

So what exactly are these slots casino jackpots that everyone is raving about these days? How do they differ to the maximum jackpots paid out at regular slot machines and why are they causing such a stir in the online gambling industry?

When you play a regular slot game, the payout table shows you the maximum amount you can win in terms of the jackpot, if you get certain symbols lined up on the pay line. So, for example, you could win 5,000 coins if you line up four cherry symbols.

Slots casino jackpots however, come in another form – progressive jackpots that increase over time until they are won by a lucky player. These slots casino jackpots are usually set at a specific amount and rise according to the number of time the game is played. These types of jackpots, justifiably, attract literally millions of players who are dazzled by the six and seven figure amounts up for grabs. In short, slots casino jackpots can produce life-changing wins for players at online casinos.

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The table on our site works in a simple matter. We list the name of the slot casino jackpot, and provide a link to the game itself so that you can see what you are up against, whether it suits what you are looking for and if it is at your playing and wagering level.

Next, we’ll list the current amount of the jackpot that is up for grabs so that you’ll know how much you are playing for. Next up is the software company, with a link to more information about the group. The table will also tell you the average value of the slots casino jackpots, how often it is hit on average and when it was last hit.

All this information will let you know what slots casino jackpots are hot and which still need some time to grow. You will learn which jackpots have passed the million dollar mark (Microgaming jackpots are famous for this trait!) and which are more likely to hit more often with smaller amounts.

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