Other Casino Jackpots

GameJackpotSoftware Avg ValueAvg Time
Jackpot Darts 50c $37,333Playtech$29,951 20d 3h
Jackpot Darts $1 $74,667Playtech$59,059 20d 3h
Jackpot Darts $2 $157,611Playtech$122,822 20d 3h
Progressive Blackjack $229,838Playtech$139,269 20d 3h
Stravaganza $29,311Playtech$27,542 18d 15h
Roulette Royale $70,598Microgaming$669,765 109d 1h
Genie's Hi Lo 50c $185Playtech$461 33d 4h
Genie's Hi Lo $1 $370Playtech$921 33d 4h
Genie's Hi Lo $2 $739Playtech$1,843 33d 4h
Genie's Hi Lo $5 $1,849Playtech$4,607 33d 4h
Mega Ball $24,154Playtech$244,057 174d 2h

When the online casino industry burst onto the scene in the mid 1990’s, it was as if an entire new world had been opened up to gamblers. Often described as being “let loose in one giant game arcade”, online gambling finally offered players the chance to enjoy all their favorite land based pastimes from the comfort of their own home. Suddenly, it was quite possible to enjoy games such as blackjack, slots, poker, baccarat and roulette without moving a millimeter from the computer screen.

Even more exciting was the fact that these online games seemed to reward more than the average land based casinos. Online gambling sites are not faced with the overheads and expenses that regular, traditional casinos are and therefore could afford to offer their online fans more rewards and ‘comps’ in the form of bonuses, promotions, prizes and… jackpots!

The idea of casino jackpots certainly took the online world by storm, and soon it was possible to find casino jackpots linked to all types of games, including slots, blackjack, poker and video poker. These jackpots worked in a progressive manner, in that their total rose every time the game was played, until it was won by a lucky player.

But while casino jackpots are traditionally linked to the most popular games found at online casinos, some software companies offer players the chance to win other casino jackpots. These jackpots, essentially, are linked to games that may not seem to be the first pick of a player when he or she enters an online casino lobby. Yet, the fact that these other games have lucrative progressive jackpots attached to them, means that players will seek them out in a bid to take home the Grand Prize!

Let’s take as an example, one of the most popular games in the ‘other’ category, Playtech’s Mega Ball. This game has practically become a household name among online gamblers and it is not for nothing that players flock to his game to enjoy the chance to become an instant millionaire. To stand in line to win the jackpot, players need to choose the jackpot game among the different games offered by Mega Ball. Correctly guess all five balls and win a MASSIVE accumulated amount from the jackpot fund. Because Mega Ball is so popular and played by people from all around the world, the jackpot rises at an incredible pace, putting players in line to win truly life-changing amounts.

Other casino jackpots that may appeal to players looking for slightly different games with all the excitement and convenience of online gambling include titles such as Playtech’s Jackpot Darts (50c, $1 or $2 versions), as well as Microgaming’s Roulette Royale. There is nothing more fun than playing a cool game of roulette and also winning the progressive jackpot that is linked to it!

For a different type of gaming adventure, too, why not try Playtech’s Genie Hi Lo, a simple card guessing game that pays out well and has a super jackpot attached to it to give you an even greater incentive to play!

As you can see, there are quite a number of other casino jackpots just begging to be won and you will naturally want to know how to find out about them.

Here at Awesome Jackpots, we’ve taken the liberty of providing you with a comprehensive list of casino jackpots that offer you a slightly different gaming experience to other titles on the internet. The list includes the title of the game, with a handy link to a more detailed review of the particular game. Here you’ll find exactly what the game comprises of, the object of the game and even how to play.

In addition, you’ll learn which software company powers the game so that you can know which online casino to find the game at.

Most importantly, Awesome Jackpots will present you with up to date information about the jackpot value as it stands today, its average value and how often it is hit. You will even be shown when the other casino jackpots were last hit so that you can decide there and then where to put your money and stand the most chance of winning!

Having all this information literally at your fingertips will ensure that you are always kept up to date about what is happening in the exciting world of casino jackpots and provide you with one of the best resource tools available in the industry today!