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Keno is a delightful lottery-type game that has attracted an enormous following of players at online and offline casinos around the world. One of the gambling industry’s leading software companies, Cryptologic has launched its own version of video keno – with a twist. The Cryptologic video keno, over and above the usual keno play, offers keno fans the chance to win extra large sums of money because of the attached progressive jackpot on this game.

Anybody who has ever played the lottery will instantly understand how to play video keno. All they need to do is pick a certain amount of numbers ranging from 1 through to 80, the keno game’s random number generator pulls numbers and the player wins if some or all of his numbers match.

In the Cryptologic video keno version, players select their numbers and then the random number generator pulls 20. In this game, players can choose how many numbers they wish to bet on, although, of course, it is important to bear in mind that the more they wager on, the more chances they have of winning!

The graphics in the Cryptologic video keno game are really awesome and highly realistic, as one has come to expect from this software company. The numbers are clear on the screen and there is absolutely no difference between this game and one that you’d find on a floor in Vegas in terms of quality and graphics.

Players can wager in denominations of a quarter.

The progressive jackpot in Cryptologic video keno essentially allows players to win a prize that accumulates each and every time this game is played at Cryptologic casinos across the internet. In order to stand in line to win this progressive jackpot, players need to do two things: Make a maximum bet (4 coins x a quarter = $1) and get ten out of ten numbers correct.

Nine out of ten correct balls earn the player a $4000 jackpot, eight out of ten earns $1000, seven out of ten - $140, six out of ten - $20 and five out of ten earns the player $2.

Cryptologic sets the progressive jackpot at $100,000 although it climbs fast due to the popularity of the game. Although winning the jackpot may be a long shot, it is definitely worth trying it out for the small investment of a buck!

All in all, Cryptologic’s video keno is a highly entertaining, simple to learn and potentially lucrative offering!