Super Jackpot $1

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Type:Video Poker
Double Up Bonus:Yes
Coin Value:$1
Max Coins:5
Wild Card:No
Avg Hit Value:$6,400
Avg Time Span:71d

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Super Jackpot $1

Cryptologic Super Jackpot is – as its name implies – a super video poker game with a fantastic jackpot to boot. The game is played along the same lines as traditional Jacks or Better video poker, which is probably the most popular video poker version in the world.

This version of video poker has the machine deal the player a hand of five cards. The player has to make the best possible poker hand out of these cards and has one chance to swap any cards that aren’t deemed suitable. The player can choose to throw one, all, some or none of his cards. When this is done, new cards are drawn in their place to form the final poker hand. The player will need a pair of Jacks or better (hence the name) in Super Jackpot in order to win.

The jackpot on Super Jackpots is open to quarter players and dollar players alike, meaning that everyone feels welcome and comfortable when playing this game. The progressive jackpot increases every time a player anywhere in the world plays Super Jackpots at Cryptologic online casinos around the world. The jackpot essentially begins at 1250 coins, so that dollar players are assured a MINIMUM win of $1250, although, at the rate this game is played at casinos, the jackpot increases very, very quickly. Bear in mind that in order to hit the jackpot, you will need to wager the maximum number of coins (five).

The payout table for Super Jackpot is as follows:

Jacks or Better wins even money; Two Pairs – 2:1; Three of a Kind – 3:1; Straight – 4:1; Flush – 5:1; Full House – 8:1; Four of a Kind – 25:1; Straight Flush – 50:1; Royal Flush – Progressive Jackpot.

Please note that if you forgot to play the maximum bet and you hit a Royal Flush, you will be paid out 250:1. While this is not a bad payout in itself, the progressive jackpot amount is naturally a better option!!

The graphics on Cryptologic’s Super Jackpot game are excellent, clear and easy on the eye.

All in all, Super Jackpot is definitely a game that will be enjoyed by video poker fans, and remains even more appealing because of the great progressive jackpot that is part of this excellent package. Players can seek out this game at their favorite Cryptologic powered online casinos today.