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Avg Hit Value:$126,866
Avg Time Span:344d 20h

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Progressive Blackjack

Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most popular online games around, and Cryptologic has produced an award-winning version in the form of Progressive Blackjack. This game combines all the fantastic elements of blackjack with the extra draw card of an optional side bet that allows players to stand in line to win life-changing amounts.

The objective of Cryptologic’s Progressive Blackjack is to accumulate cards that add up nearest to 21 without going over this number, and to beat the dealer’s hand. As in traditional blackjack, numbers 2 – 10 are worth their own value, face cards are worth 10 and an Ace is worth 1 or 11.

Cards are dealt and players need to decide whether to hit, stand, split, double down or take insurance. The player wins if he manages to get 21 or nearest to that number without going bust and by getting a better hand than the dealer’s.

Cryptologic Progressive Blackjack is played with eight decks of 52 cards each. These decks are reshuffled after each hand. In this version of blackjack, the dealer has to stand on 17, doubling after splitting is allowed and no resplitting of cards is allowed. There are no surrender options in Progressive Blackjack and only one additional card is allowed on each ace in the case of splitting a pair of aces in the game.

In order to qualify for the progressive jackpot, players need to make a side bet of $1 by clicking on the flashing chip holder before the game starts. Bonuses can be won by getting two or more aces within their first cards dealt in a hand. Another way to win a bonus is according to the suits and colors of the aces. For example, two unsuited aces earn the player $25, four unsuited aces earn $1,500, while four red aces or four black aces earn the player the progressive jackpot payout.

A winning hand earns the player the original bet and the same amount in profit. A natural blackjack earns the player 3:2 odds, while an insurance bet pays out 2:1.

All in all, players looking for an excellent online blackjack experience, with the added advantage of a lucrative progressive jackpot thrown in should know that Cryptologic’s Progressive Blackjack game is a viable option and a much sought-after game at online casinos. With its brilliant graphics, top payouts and exciting features, it is easy to understand why.