Rival Casino Bonuses

Rival Gaming Casinos are a relatively new addition to the online gaming world. They started their foray into this exciting enterprise in 2006 and their popularity has shot them to the top of the charts in the hearts and minds of many of their players. Right now, Rival Gaming is listed as a subsidiary of Black Chip Ltd. Black Chip Ltd., also well respected for their innovations in gaming and business, are currently located on the Island of Cyprus.

Rival Gaming Casino’s software is easily used by a wide variety of players with a wide variety of computer platforms. Their software is usable by both Windows and Mac users making their software extremely user friendly. They also offer all the standard gaming fare that players that have come to the casinos yearn for, great traditional casinos games. These games include Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and many more of the games that players now come to expect from great gaming software. These games are all easily downloaded to the player’s computer and are set up for virtually instant game playing excitement.

But that’s not what Rival Gaming Casinos software is truly known for. They are known for the gaming innovations that they continue to introduce into the online gambling arena. One of the truly most interesting, and unique, gaming introductions that they’ve already made in their short life span is that of I-Slots. I-Slots are touted as being made up of part of a movie, part of a video game, and of course, part of a slot machine. These slot machines are interactive allowing the player to experience an entirely new level of game playing action. It was only a matter of time before a company invented a complete gaming system in where the best of the most prolific visual mediums where incorporated into a slot machine and Rival Gaming was there to make it happen.

I-Slots casino games are truly the wave of the future here now. These games allow a person to play as if they were actually in the game with new gaming updates coming out of Rival Gaming all the time. One of the key benefits to their programs also is not having to restart the I-Slots game every time that a player logs back in to play. The game will simply continue right where the game play ended from the previous time that the player was playing. So if a player is stuck on a certain area of the game and doesn’t have all the time to finish what they want, they can always take a break and come back when they are ready to try their luck again. It really is the best of both the online casinos gambling worlds of fast pace, money driven action, and video games with all the realism that Rival Gaming can pack into their programs.

While Rival Gaming casino software might be newer to the online gambling market than some of their competition they are without a doubt an emerging threat to become the biggest name in online gaming. Whether a person is looking to just play the games for fun, or become involved in spreading the Rival Gaming software, without a doubt the choice should always be Rival Gaming.