Playtech Casino Jackpots

GameJackpotType Avg ValueAvg Time Last Hit Value Rank Time Rank Rank
Jackpot Darts 50c $37,333Other$29,951 20d 3h648d 20h 0 +47 +47
Jackpot Darts $1 $74,667Other$59,059 20d 3h648d 21h 0 +47 +47
Jackpot Darts $2 $157,611Other$122,822 20d 3h648d 21h 0 +47 +47
Jackpot Darts $3 $240,556Slots$186,562 20d 3h648d 21h 0 +47 +47
Progressive Blackjack $229,838Other$139,269 20d 3h648d 21h 0 +47 +47
Safecracker 25c $3,024Slots$3,027 4d 15h56d 0 +17 +17
Safecracker 50c $6,048Slots$6,055 4d 15h56d 0 +17 +17
Safecracker $1 $12,096Slots$12,109 4d 15h56d 0 +17 +17
Safecracker $5 $60,481Slots$60,548 4d 15h56d 0 +17 +17
Queen of Pyramids 15c $51,600Slots$31,087 6d 16h51d 19h 0 +10 +10
Queen of Pyramids 25c $86,001Slots$51,813 6d 16h51d 19h 0 +10 +10
Stravaganza $29,311Other$27,542 18d 15h107d 13h 0 +7 +7
Lotto Madness $97,837Slots$58,756 30d 16h92d 23h 0 +3 +3
Beach Life $1,169,420Slots$1,637,530 80d 18h80d 20h 0 0 0
Cinerama 5-reels $74,309Slots$103,095 112d 6h94d 14h 0 0 0
Fruit Mania $31,452Slots$15,452 8d 5h6d 3h 0 0 0
Magic Slots 25c $2,461Slots$4,169 18d 13h12d 20h 0 0 0
Magic Slots 50c $4,921Slots$8,338 18d 13h12d 20h 0 0 0
Magic Slots $1 $9,842Slots$16,676 18d 13h12d 20h 0 0 0
Magic Slots $5 $49,211Slots$83,382 18d 13h12d 20h 0 0 0
Progressive Baccarat $1 $14,368Other 0 0 0
Progressive Baccarat $2 $28,737Other 0 0 0
Progressive Baccarat $5 $71,842Other 0 0 0
Wild Viking $33,196Other 0 0 0
10-Line Jacks or Better $7,995Video Poker$9,991 10d 15h6d 21h 0 -1 -1
Diamond Valley $50,436Slots$82,871 15d 17h6d 16h 0 -1 -1
Genie's Hi Lo 50c $185Other$461 33d 4h7d 23h 0 -1 -1
Genie's Hi Lo $1 $370Other$921 33d 4h7d 23h 0 -1 -1
Genie's Hi Lo $2 $739Other$1,843 33d 4h7d 23h 0 -1 -1
Genie's Hi Lo $5 $1,849Other$4,607 33d 4h7d 23h 0 -1 -1
Gold Rally 8 Lines $637,520Slots$877,319 52d 8h12d 20h 0 -1 -1
Mega Ball $24,154Other$244,057 174d 2h12d 20h 0 -1 -1
Mega Jacks $425Video Poker$2,011 1d 2h10h 20m 0 -1 -1
Wall Street Fever $59,808Slots$185,178 57d12d 20h 0 -1 -1
Caribbean Poker $177,002Poker$146,802 180d 17h115d 13h 0 -1 -1

Playtech software company, is synonymous with bringing players one of the most entertaining gaming experiences in the entire online gambling industry. The company’s combination of stunning graphics, clever animation, superb sound features and intuitive playing, brings casino fans the opportunity to enjoy one of the best portfolios ever created.

In addition to its marvelous selection of games, Playtech also brings players the chance to win HUGE amounts of money thanks to the dazzling amount of progressive jackpots up for grabs. In fact, Playtech is proud the boast the most number of casino jackpots in the industry – currently 31 in total and climbing…

Platyech casino jackpots are linked to a dizzying variety of games, including slots, poker and video poker. Jackpots are also carried by games defined as ‘other’ by Playtech, including unique games created by this software company that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet.

Players who access a Playtech powered online casino will be ensured of not only quality gaming, but also the opportunity to win truly life-changing amounts. With so many Playtech casino jackpots up for grabs, the hardest decision to make is what games to pick!

Top slot jackpot games in the Playtech package include the Magic Slots series, which comes in betting ranges between 0.25c and $5. The games can be classified as traditional slot machines because of their ‘three reel, one payline’ format, however the progressive slot element, as well as an exciting bonus game add life to this superbly realistic and highly entertaining slots series.

The Safecracker slots series is another reason why players are attracted to Playtech casino jackpots. This game, which comes in 0.25c - $5 versions, is one of Playtech’s most graphically stunning games, changing the face of the slot screen from traditional reels into a safe combination that needs to be cracked! With its exciting second screen bonus game and the chance to win huge, thanks to the progressive jackpot, this is game that should not be missed!

Video poker fans will enjoy Mega Jacks or 10 Line Jacks or Better, the latter requiring a Royal Flush on the decision hand to grab the progressive jackpot amount that is hit, on average, every eight days to the tune of $10,000!

Playtech’s most popular and certainly most lucrative progressive jackpot game is Mega Ball – a game played so often that it is even considered a household name! Mega Ball incorporates eight different games into one, each with a different betting strategy, with the option of playing them all at once!

Winning combinations are selected every single minute, making this a fast paced and exciting game, guaranteed to keep players entertained for hours.

Other top paying casino jackpots in the Playtech range include Progressive Blackjack, Jackpot Darts, Gold Rally 8 Lines, Beach Life and Diamond Valley.

With so many different games and jackpot options, it is not difficult to understand why millions of players are attracted to online casinos that work off the Playtech software platform.