Cyberstud Poker

Cyberstud Poker Logo $167,621
Avg Hit Value:$133,055
Avg Time Span:75d 12h
Last Hit:516d 18h
0   +9 +9

Bet sizes:from $2 to $101
Win Combinations:Straight Flush, Royal Flush

Microgaming’s exciting Cyberstud Poker presents players with the perfect casino game that combines the excitement of blackjack with the skill of poker, explaining the popularity of the game at online casinos. Contrary to poker, however, Cyberstud poker is not played out between players, but instead between the player and the house.

The object of Microgaming’s Cyberstud Poker is to come out with the strongest hand at the end of the game. The player puts in a bet in the form of an ante and the house deals the cards – five in this case – while the dealer has a card face up. At this point, the player can, if he so chooses, make an additional bet (the ‘Call’) that is twice the amount of the ante bet.

Now is the turn of the dealer to draw his hand and to advance in the game, he needs to have an Ace-King combination. If not, the player wins the game.

Microgaming’s Cyberstud Poker is user-friendly enough to present clear explanations of the payout table – graphics included – to show the payoffs, ranging from the top paying Royal Flush to a one pair and Ace-King.

What makes Cyberstud Poker so attractive is that it appeals to what is known as ‘crossover’ players – those casino fans who feel just as much at home around a poker table as they do playing blackjack. It is also worth mentioning that Cyberstud Poker is a great place for new poker players to begin their journey, as this game provides a deeper understanding of classic poker combinations and payouts.

The graphics in Microgaming’s Cyberstud Poker are, as to be expected, sensational, giving players one of the most realistic online casino experiences around.

Nothing in life is perfect, and Microgaming’s Cyberstud Poker could do with a couple of tweaks to make it a truly brilliant game. For one, there is no autoplay feature, which is not terrible, but could be worth thinking about. Another is that players can only play one hand and finally, players can only play double the ante bet.

With a minimum bet of 2 coins and a maximum of 100, there is certainly enough scope in this game to cover every type of player.

All in all, Microgaming’s Cyberstud Poker is the perfect introduction to a ‘me-vs-machine’ type poker game in an easy to understand format and with the added advantage of brilliant software graphics.