Hot Casino Progressive Jackpots

GameJackpotSoftware Avg ValueAvg Time Last Hit Value Rank Time Rank Rank
Jackpot Darts 50c $37,333Playtech$29,951 20d 3h648d 20h 0 +47 +47
Jackpot Darts $1 $74,667Playtech$59,059 20d 3h648d 21h 0 +47 +47
Jackpot Darts $2 $157,611Playtech$122,822 20d 3h648d 21h 0 +47 +47
Jackpot Darts $3 $240,556Playtech$186,562 20d 3h648d 21h 0 +47 +47
Progressive Blackjack $229,838Playtech$139,269 20d 3h648d 21h 0 +47 +47
Safecracker 25c $3,024Playtech$3,027 4d 15h56d 0 +17 +17
Safecracker 50c $6,048Playtech$6,055 4d 15h56d 0 +17 +17
Safecracker $1 $12,096Playtech$12,109 4d 15h56d 0 +17 +17
Safecracker $5 $60,481Playtech$60,548 4d 15h56d 0 +17 +17
Queen of Pyramids 15c $51,600Playtech$31,087 6d 16h51d 19h 0 +10 +10
Queen of Pyramids 25c $86,001Playtech$51,813 6d 16h51d 19h 0 +10 +10
Cyberstud Poker $167,621Microgaming$133,055 75d 12h516d 18h 0 +9 +9
Triple Sevens $80,571Microgaming$75,392 51d 6h367d 17h 0 +9 +9
King Cashalot $394,298Microgaming$615,527 71d 9h440d 11h 0 +8 +8
Stravaganza $29,311Playtech$27,542 18d 15h107d 13h 0 +7 +7
Shoot-O-Rama $83,007Cryptologic$66,496 153d 1h773d 1h 0 +6 +6
Triple Olives $1 $10,588Cryptologic$17,917 149d 2h672d 1h 0 +5 +5
Cash Splash $33,866Microgaming$12,483 1d 20h6d 14h 0 +4 +4
Treasure Nile $55,973Microgaming$57,514 5d 20h18d 14h 0 +3 +3
Mega Moolah Major $30,263Microgaming$29,384 2d 7h6d 13h 0 +3 +3

A hot jackpot means a jackpot that should hit soon. The higher the rank, the higher the probability that the jackpot will be hit. The general jackpot rank is the sum of Value Rank Value Rank and Time Rank Time Rank.

Value Rank is computed as follows: ValueRank = (CurrentJackpot - AverageJackpot) / AverageJackpot. The ValueRank is normalized after it has been calculated for all the jackpots. Normalization means that the ValueRank for the jackpot with the higher ValueRank becomes +50, and proportionally decreasing for lower values. The same method is applied to compute the Time Rank.

Negative Ranks means that the jackpot is not ripe yet ("ready to fire").

Have you ever accessed your favorite online casino and seen the flashing signs saying “x-million to be won in progressive jackpots” or something to that effect? If you thought this was just a bunch of marketing hype, think again. Many of the top online casinos in the industry really and truly do have literally millions of dollars up for grabs in prizes through the online casino jackpots that they run on their sites.

After you get to know the industry a little more, you will start to realize that there are some online casinos that offer more than others. You will also see that several online casinos may offer the same jackpots as others. All this is connected to the fact that many online casinos work off the same software platform and therefore offer the same promotions and progressive jackpots as the other sites that are connected to the network. But more about that later…

Let us first examine the concept of on line casino jackpots. There are essentially two types of jackpots. Those that are connected to single machines and those that are connected to a number of machines in the same network, with a jackpot that grows a little bit every time someone plays the game.

Let us take as an example the progressive jackpots that are linked to the online casinos that work off the Microgaming platform. Online casinos that work with Microgaming all feature the fact on their site that they have online casino jackpots valued at over $7 million right now! This is not a joke!

The reason is simple enough – so let’s take a look how. Microgaming (or Cryptologic or Playtech or Boss Media, or any giant software provider for that matter) provides the industry with award winning, quality software. For that reason, many online casinos want to belong to their casino network and therefore sign up for their software and link up to their games.

The better the games and software offered by an online casino, it is only natural that more people than ever will want to play at these sites. The more players who seek out these games, the more they will contribute to the progressive jackpot amount linked to certain games at the site… and the higher the progressive jackpot amounts will grow.

And there’s more! Because the higher these amounts, the more people will want to play the games – leading to a natural circle of events.

It is not for nothing then that you will notice at Awesome Jackpots that some of the top online software companies offer the highest online casino jackpot amounts. There are literally millions of dollars simply waiting to be grabbed in the jackpot pool of software companies such as Microgaming, Cryptologic, Playtech, Rival Gaming, Boss Media, Real Time Gaming and Vegas Technology.

So why was it important for us to separate on line casino jackpots by software at Awesome Jackpots?

The answer is simple. Using this method, you will be able to see exactly which software providers offer the most amount of money up for grabs, at any given time, allowing you to make instant decisions about which online casinos to choose, based on their software providers.

At Awesome Jackpots, we’ve provided the information for you in a very easy to use table so that choosing has never been simpler. You will be able to see, for example, that Playtech offers a larger number of progressive jackpots than other software providers, although they pay out smaller amounts. On the other hand, Microgaming provides fewer games with progressive jackpots in the grand scheme of things, yet the amounts up for grabs are phenomenal.

Boss Media, for that matter, offers a large number of games AND millions of dollars in prizes!

The tabulated formula at Awesome Jackpots allow you click the link to the different software companies to see more information about what they have on offer, which jackpot games are on offer, their individual totals up for grabs and even interesting statistics such as how often they hit, and their value when they hit on average.

There is no doubt that having all the information about individual software companies and their online casino jackpots up for grabs right at your fingertips means that your search for the perfect game to play (and hopefully win!) is made that much easier for you and your fellow online gamblers!