Cryptologic Casino Jackpots

GameJackpotTypeAvg ValueAvg TimeLast Hit Value Rank Time RankRank
Shoot-O-Rama $83,007Slots$66,496 153d 1h 773d 1h 0 +6 +6
Triple Olives $1 $10,588Slots$17,917 149d 2h 672d 1h 0 +5 +5
Caribbean Stud Poker $163,534Poker$150,265 162d 19h 363d 8h 0 +2 +2
Video Keno $261,597Other 0 0 0
Lottery $107,274Other 0 0 0
Rapid Fire $775Slots$612 8h 52m 17h -18 +2 -16
Movie Mayhem 3 $11,750Slots$6,511 6d 11h 38d 11h -26 +7 -19
Rags to Riches $157,675Slots$205,129 208d 13h 363d 8h -22 +1 -21
Movie Mayhem 2 $603Slots$766 1d 8h 23h -34 0 -34
Super Jackpot 25c $1,005Video Poker$1,520 24d 6h 14h -34 -1 -35
Movie Mayhem 1 $77Slots$90 9h 26m 7h -36 0 -36
Marvel Hero $6,419Slots$7,837 1d 7h 9h -36 -1 -37
Super Jackpot $1 $4,141Video Poker$6,400 71d 10d 17h -38 -1 -39
Movie Mayhem $12,216Slots$16,149 28d 17h 11d 22h -38 -1 -39
Frightmare Level 2 $4,718Slots$4,876 30d 1h 26d 23h -42 0 -42
Frightmare Level 1 $363Slots$494 2d 16h 1d 9h -45 -1 -46
Hero $81Slots$107 2h 2h -48 0 -48
Super Hero $1,408Slots$1,142 4h 8m 4h -50 0 -50
Progressive Blackjack $51,864Blackjack$126,866 344d 20h 46d 3h -80 -1 -81
Millionaires Club $246,824Slots$1,138,100 129d 23h 21d 3h -84 -1 -85
Triple Olives 25c $3,856Slots$3,409 125d 7h 226d 10h -92 +1 -91

The Toronto based Cryptologic is one of the most popular software companies in the online gambling industry. As the first software provider to incorporate multiplayer games in their suite, this company has always been at the forefront of the online wagering world and brings a top suite of innovative games. Some of the most trusted and reputable online casinos work off the Cryptologic platform, making this company synonymous with highly entertaining, quality and rewarding online gambling entertainment.

It comes as no surprise then, that Cryptologic brings with it a number of top paying casino jackpots that certainly add spice to any gambling session. The Cryptologic casino jackpots are linked to some of this company’s favorite games for the chance to win huge amounts that hit six figure totals on a regular basis.

Cryptologic slot games are famous across the internet for their stunning graphics, cool audio features and extra bonus features that make playing these games all the more enjoyable. It comes as no surprise, then that Cryptologic has focused its casino jackpots on its slots games. Some of the jackpots are linked to individual games, while others link a series of slot machine games.

One of the most popular Cryptologic casino jackpots links four games in the Movie Mayhem series – namely Fantasy Realm, Outta Space Adventure, Silent Screen and Sunday Classics. These games are a dream come true for movie buffs who can combine their love of slot games with their fascination for Hollywood films of all genres. What makes the progressive jackpot in this series even more appealing is that it is triggered on a totally random basis, meaning that anyone can win big anytime!

Other cool slot games that carry rewarding Cryptologic casino jackpots include Shoot-O-Rama, which hits at on average at $68,333 and Rags to Riches with a very lucrative average hit of $211,564.

However, while we said that Cryptologic focused its casino jackpots on slot games, we didn’t say these games had exclusivity on the progressive amounts offered by the software company!

There are several other games in the Cryptologic portfolio that offer excellent amounts up for grabs, including video poker (Super Jackpot 25c and $1) and video keno with six digit figures simply begging to be won!

Another favorite enjoyed by Cryptologic fans is the company’s Progressive Blackjack offering that combines all the elements of traditional blackjack with an optional side bet that can produce truly life-changing amounts. The side bet is a mere $1 and not many players will turn their nose up at standing in line to win so much extra cash for such an insignificant amount.

Cryptologic’s Lottery game is also connected to a progressive jackpot.

As you can see, players are definitely spoiled for choice when considering the jackpot casino options provided by Cryptologic. From delightful slots series to keno and blackjack, the selection is endless and the hardest part is simply to make a decision!