Top Game Casinos Bonuses

Top Game software provider entered the casino industry with a lot of well designed games and fast downloading times. They claim that their software is downloaded four times faster than traditional casino software like Microgaming and Playtech. You'll be amazed to find out that the design team consisted of people that previously have worked at Playtech. If you enjoyed playing at Playtech, I'm almost sure that you'll be pleased by faster graphics and action offered by Top Game.

In order to be a successful startup, Top Game decided to create their own online casino brands instead of marketing their software to new or existing casinos. Each Top Game casino features unique graphics and are very user friendly and intuitive for beginners. Usability is a top notch distinctive aspect of Top Game online casinos.

The super fast download times are due not only to the compactness of the software package. There is also intelligence under the hood: when you launch the casino for the first time and choose a game to play, other games will be downloaded in the background and not interfere the pleasant and smooth gameplay.

Top Game is a newcomer, but it already received positive reviews from casino players and industry professionals.