Monthly Casino Bonuses

When online casinos want to tantalize us with special offers to try out their games and software, they do so in the form of bonuses. For most of us, the most common form of bonuses that we come across in our online gambling sessions are welcome or match bonuses. These are offered by online casinos to new players who have yet to open an account and make that first deposit. Naturally, the amounts offered by online casinos to new players are generous, as these are your first ‘foot in the door’ and the casinos want to make a good impression.

But what happens once you are already ‘in the door’? Say you took advantage of that generous welcome bonus and you like what you see. The online casino is naturally not interested that you run off and open another account at another site just to take advantage of another welcome bonus. Instead, they want to give you a good reason to stay put at their own site. And this is where monthly casino bonuses come in.

Monthly casino bonuses are given – as their name implies – each month to players who refund their accounts. What does this mean? When you put money into your online account the first time around, this is called ‘funding your account’. When you top up that amount to add more, this is known as refunding. In other words, you are adding more money so that you can continue playing the games at the site that you initially chose.

Monthly casino bonuses are usually expressed in the form of a percentage. For example, a site will promise to pay a player 25% of any funds that he or she places in the online casino account (usually limited to a certain amount). In that way, the player will have the initiative to spend more time and money at the online casino, using credits from the site in the form of monthly casino bonuses.

The advantages of making use of these monthly casino bonuses are great. We all know that once you are familiar with a website and the software, your confidence in your gaming session grows. What better way to develop that confidence even further than by sticking with a site that you know. Once you reach the stage of considering monthly casino bonuses, you have usually spent long enough at that particular site to find your way around, know which games to stick to (and which to avoid) and where the best odds are found. By using monthly casino bonuses, you can therefore increase your confidence further, hone your skills and even increase your chances of winning more.

Monthly casino bonuses are a wonderful way for you to show loyalty to your favorite site and at the same time enjoy the gift of free credits at the site.

As with all bonuses, don’t forget to check the terms and conditions before signing up.