Microgaming Casinos Bonuses

Microgaming is one of the largest, if not the largest, providers of online gaming software on the Internet. In fact their slogan, “We are the game,” essentially sums up what this gambling enterprise is all about. They provide gaming platforms for every level of online gambling game play imaginable making it possible for over one hundred and twenty online casinos and forty Poker rooms. They started the entire online craze by developing the first truly viable online gambling platform in 1994. Since then their gaming experience, reliability, and gambling innovation have made them an industry leader emulated by most of their competition.

Microgaming operates from its headquarters on the Isle of Man and remains impervious to many of the problems that have bogged down the operations of its competitors. They have withstood the test of time, lasting roughly a decade, in an industry where truly only the strongest and fastest survive. Leading the way for innovative regulations that insure that responsible online gaming occurs on every level. The quality assurance this provides the online gambler is second to none.

As of right now Microgaming boasts over three hundred casino and Poker games in its extensive portfolio, with more games on the horizon. This not only includes the standard games found at most online casinos that Microgaming provides for, but Live Dealer games, as well as the world’s leading progressive jackpots. Any game that an online player has ever come across has likely been featured in Microgaming casinos.

One of the hallmarks of a great online gaming industry leader is the ability to handle a very high volume of online traffic. Microgaming has established itself as an industry leader in this respect as well handling some of the highest volume of traffic on the web. Their innovative back office business solutions continue to evolve as does their extensive operation. The fundamental infrastructure built to handle the demands on Microgaming’s resources is sufficient to substantiate growth far into the foreseeable future.

One item that sets Microgaming apart from many of it competitors is that it’s also capable of being land based. Their land based software, Betstone, allows casino owners to set up machines that are networked to each other and offers the same great gaming action as their online versions. The Betstone comes in bundles that casino owners can use on their own machines, or as stand alone machines that runs the Microgaming programs. This gives casino owners a very wide array of opportunities to provide the very best gaming action for their clients. And the best part? This system is available worldwide just like all of the other Microgaming platforms and software.

Microgaming has established partnerships with other industry professionals to insure that their clients, on every level, are well taken care of. If an entry level player is looking for a game, or a casino owner is looking to cash in on solid software and programs, Microgaming is an excellent place to start. Microgaming, they truly are the game.