eCOGRA Casinos

As a regular online casino gambler, you may have come across the term ‘eCOGRA Approved’. Have you ever stopped to wonder what this means?

eCOGRA is a non-profit, independent watchdog group that was founded to develop a set of standards in the online gambling industry. Members of eCOGRA are online casinos and software sites that wish to make a statement about their own standards and strive to meet those set by eCOGRA.

The eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation Assurance (eCOGRA) awards its prestigious Seal of Approval to online casinos that manage to prove that they are worthy of the seal and carries out regular checks to see that the casino has not lapsed below these standards.

What are the benefits for players who choose eCOGRA online casinos?

Security – eCOGRA online casinos need to prove that they meet certain security standards before they are able to carry the organizations Seal of Approval. These include the use of firewalls and other technology in order to ensure that the player’s personal information is kept safe and secure at all times, and that financial transactions are protected. This high level of security cuts down cases of identity fraud and other scams, allowing players peace of mind and the ability to concentrate on their game playing instead of on security matters.

Game Fairness – How many times have you wondered whether the odds on the game that you are playing are really what the online casino states they are? To be absolutely sure that the games you are playing are fair, it would be wise to stick to eCOGRA online casinos. These sites have their random number generators regularly checked by independent, third party auditors to make sure that there is no sign of ‘fixing’ games. Knowing that what you see is what you get lifts a great weight off a player’s mind.

Payouts – Once in a while, horror stories do the rounds in the online casino industry where gamblers were not paid out their winnings, even though they complied with all the terms and conditions of their bonuses and met all the wagering requirements determined by the site. eCOGRA online casinos need to prove that they pay out promptly and fairly to their players, before they can obtain the eCOGRA Seal of Approval. This is one aspect of online gambling that worries many players and it is good to know that there is an organization that insists that its members stick to their commitments.

Legal Recourse – As the online gambling world is virtual and entails doing business with faceless entities, it is sometimes a worrying factor for players who don’t know whether they will have anyone to turn to if things go wrong at the online casino. By playing at eCOGRA online casinos, players can rest assured that they have a huge, professional and objective body to turn to if need be. eCOGRA manages a legal team which job it is to examine complaints against eCOGRA online casinos and determine whether the complain is justified or not. In many cases, eCOGRA votes in favor of the online gambler and the casino is ordered to compensate the player.