Aladdins Lamp €5

Aladdins Lamp €5 Logo €2,709,940
Avg Hit Value:€1,762,280
Avg Time Span:
Last Hit:1291d 18h
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Software:Boss Media
Info:3 Reels, 3 Paylines
Coin Size:€0.25, €0.5, €1, €5
Max Coins:3 Coins
Win Combinations:10
Theme:Medieval Arabian
Wild symbol:No

Take a spin on Aladdin’s Lamp progressive jackpot slot and perhaps the genie of the lamp will make your wishes of riches come true! Available at all Boss Media casinos, Aladdin’s Lamp is a classically styled 3 reel, 3 pay line machine which can be played in the denomination of your choice – ranging from 25 cents to $5 per line.

Aladdin’s Lamp has a very simple and easy to understand pay table, which pays between 2 coins when one heart or magic carpet appears on a pay line, through to the progressive jackpot when three Aladdin symbols appear on a pay line when three coins are bet. Additional winning symbols include diamonds, sevens, bars and of course Magic Lamps!

The minimum progressive jackpot depends on the coin value played – for the 25 cent version, the jackpot starts at $750, the 50 cent version starts off at $1500, whereas the $1 and $5 version have a minimum value of $3000 and $15000 respectively. Aladdin’s Lamp has a history of paying very respectably sized jackpots – even the 25 cent version has reached over $130,000 on occasion, whilst the $5 version has reached nearly half a million dollars.

Aladdin’s Lamp comprises a number of features designed to enhance your playing experience. Unlike many other progressive jackpot slots you can play the game in practice mode to get a feel for the slot before risking your own money. You can choose to auto play up to 95 spins or as many as your balance will allow, and you can stop the auto play function at any time. Another handy feature is that the software keeps a record of all your play, so you can review your wins/losses at a glance with screenshots of the reel position for every single spin. Your history is available by clicking the Game History Button on the left hand menu tab.

The graphics are high quality with symbols which animate when three or more of the same symbol are hit, and authentic Arabian nights style sounds. The main difficulty with the software is that it insists on resizing your screen to 800 x 600 which can be annoying if you just want to click away from the casino for a moment and do something else. However, once the casino software is exited your screen resolution will return to normal.

If you look back fondly on the days when slots were just simple pull the handle and spin the reels machines, without complicated features and bonus rounds, you will love the simplicity of this slot. So summon up the genie of the Lamp and see what treasures lie in wait for you - there may just be a big jackpot in your future!